Restaurants in Canterbury

Canterbury is very popular tourist destinations in England. Аnd is renowned for its fine eating scene. If fresh, local flavours are your thing, grab a table at one of the restaurants we have picked out for you. Or why not try all of them. The best restaurants and places to eat out in Canterbury.

Il Posticino

Il Posticino Restaurant in Canterbury

Jerry & Cristina welcome you to Il Posticino "little spot",a cosy, rustic authentic Italian restaurant, very friendly and open to any walk of life.
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The Ambrette

The Ambrette Restaurant in Canterbury

We promote the use of fresh, sustainable and local ingredients combined with aromatic herbs and spices and an aesthetic style of presentation. Our restaurants work closely with local communities and we are constantly reinventing ourselves to meet the needs of an ever changing and exciting time.
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The Goods Shed

The Goods Shed in Canterbury

The compact, seasonal menu constantly changes, using the best local ingredients the market has to offer. Slow proved loaves are drawn from the ovens in the bakery throughout the day, whole carcasses of meat, broken into cuts on the butchery and dishes being prepared and cooked from the open kitchen.

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