Escape Rooms in Canterbury

Escape rooms will keep your mind so occupied that you’ll completely forget about that phone in your pocket. How many of us have been curious about what it is like to be locked in a prison cell or stuck in a room with a ghost.
Escape rooms give you the opportunity to explore scenarios and atmospheres that you wouldn’t normally encounter. Bonus: if you escape, you get to tell all of your friends that you broke out of prison, defused a bomb or got away from an evil spirit.

Escape in the towers

Escape in the towers in Canterbury

Canterbury's award winning Escape Room experience set within England’s largest surviving Medieval gateway & Canterbury’s former city gaol.
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Escape Kent

Escape Kent in Canterbury

With clues to search for and puzzles to solve, you and your team have just one hour to complete an exciting mission.

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Escape Room Marlowe’s Ghost

Escape Room Marlowe’s Ghost Canterbury

The ghost of the recently murdered Christopher Marlowe returns to haunt you. You owe him a debt. His work is at risk of being lost forever. It is up to you to save it.

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